FAQ and Guide of New Policy about .cn and HELP from Web Domain Hong Kong.

Q1. What is the domain format in China Domain?
A1. CNNIC accept only com.cn, org.cn, net.cn, edu.cn, gov.cn application.

Q2. What is requirement to register a .cn?
A2. No limit on .com.cn, .net.cn or .org.cn
Any business or organization, worldwide, can register a .CN name
Remark: Other domain ext. need additional document for special organisation.

Q3. How much about domain fee and related charges?
A3. Domain Fee for .cn is HK$500/Year (Information Modify is FREE).

Q4. Does "CNNIC" accept domain registration from individual?
A4. No.

Q5. How to contact Us?
A5. Web Domain Hong Kong: Tel: +852 2492 1163 Email: domaincn@ webdomain.com.hk

CNNIC Notification about further enhancement of auditing domain name registration information:

In order to further enhance the authenticity, accuracy, and integrality of the domain name registration information, now notify as following:

1. Domain name applicants need to submit the formal paper based application material when making the online application to the registrar. The application material includes the original application form with business seal, company business license (photocopy), and registrant ID (photocopy).

2. Registrar should carefully review the application material. When application is deemed qualified, registrar need to submit the application material via fax or E-mail to CNNIC, and withhold the original application material.

3. From the day of the submission of online application, if CNNIC does not receive the formal paper based application material within 5 days or the application material auditing is not qualified, the domain name to be applied will be deleted.

4. The above regulations will be executed since 9:00AM (Beijing Time), Dec 14th, 2009.

PROCEDURE for domain registration of .CN (China Domain Name)

Check yourdomain.com.cn thru https://www.webdomain.com.hk/cgi-bin/webwhois.cgi
Fill the application form in https://www.webdomain.com.hk/ewebdomain/formcom.html

And then please deposit the Domain Fee : HK$500 / Year.
(The minimum registration period is 1 year, and the maximum 5 years.)

Hang Seng Bank : A/C# 024-228-222428-883
A/C Name: Hong Kong Internet (Holding) Limited

And then fax the Bank deposit slip & required documents to us with domain name thru FAX No. +852 2470 6091 / 8208 8601.

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